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Here’s a little about me. I am a 27-year old guy currently living out of a suitcase while I decide where to live (any suggestions?)  Last year I lived in Seoul, Korea and it was awesome.  I enjoy writing music, essays, and short stories. I am 50 pages into a novel that I’m not sure will ever get finished. I almost went to music school when I was 17. In 2008, I over-dosed on travel - I spent over 200 days traveling for work, and never want to do that again. I still enjoy traveling, but only do it every once in a while. I have not owned a car since 2006.

I am really interested in trying to figure out how to make things better – better healthcare, cleaner energy, less waste, stronger communities. I have enormous respect for entrepreneurs, I just wish they wouldn’t focus all of their talents making iPhone apps. I am never afraid to quit a job that isn’t working out for me!  In the 6 years I have spent out of college, I have managed to spend over 25% on vacation. When I do work, I work really hard.

Right now, I am learning Python programming, creative writing, jazz guitar, Korean language, and researching a wide variety of political / legal topics.

And I like to build things, like this website.




My official bio according to LinkedIn: I graduated from Stanford in 2006, and worked at McKinsey & Company’s Sustainability and Non-Profit practices in New York. I worked at a privately held renewable energy company for a few years, and most recently worked as a freelance consultant advising over $100MM in renewable energy transactions. Thanks for reading!

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